Pastor Search

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Shortly after our pastor, Ronnie Brewer, announced his retirement for a date later this year, the church elected seven people to the Pastor Search Committee. The committee began by doing a survey of church members to identify the traits valued most highly in our next pastor. Survey forms were completed in person, by mail, and online. Also, committee members met with anyone who wanted to speak to the committee directly.

From the congregational input, a church profile was created. We looked at our strengths and our challenges. The ultimate goal of this self-study is to identify our church’s mission and find a pastor whose gifts in ministry will help fulfill that mission.

In mid-July, our chairman, John Honeycutt, resigned to take a position in Roanoke, and the committee elected Ron Guest as the new chairman. Kim Warren was elected by the church to fill the seventh slot which was vacated by John’s move. The committee now includes Ron Guest, David Crocket, Jr., Tom Parker, Marilyn Butler, Stephanie Elliott, Dennis Hare, and Kim Warren.

          Pastor Search Committee Members from L to R:  (back row) Dennis Hare, Ron Guest, John Honeycutt, Tom Parker,
          David Crockett, Jr., (front row) Marilyn Butler and Stephanie Elliott.  Not pictured is Kim Warren.